The Virco Zuma Rocker chair has now become one of the most popular school chairs on our website,and in classrooms across the country.  Why?  Because it is helping

classrooms, and other educational settings evolve, by giving kids the ability to focus better.  Kids sometimes have a hard time paying attention, and lets face it, we were all kids at one time.

Everything was a distraction, and there was always something else to do, that was more fun than paying attention to the teacher.  Well this is the major benefit of the Zuma Rocker chair.  The rocking motion creates an “active” environment, so the child focuses more on what’s in front of them, rather than what’s going on around them.  Virco has done extensive research on the benefits of children using a rocking or “active” chair.

This chair, along with other Virco items, has also been featured on Lifetime Television.
The Balancing Act – Full Segment feat. Virco on Lifetime Television

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